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All alphabets carry a number corresponding to 1 to 9. Z is 8 as illustrated in the table below. Challenge before you is to find a formula which calculates Numerological Sum for a given name if name is given in cell A1. The solution to this problem will be published after a month i. Now, the challenge before you is to combine both the approaches and come up with the answer.

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Hence, if you have been given a number and you have to add those many 7's and you have to perform Numerological Sum on individual digits. Given number is in cell A1, hence you need to add to it. Come up with a formula to do this you can also do it in VBA, if you wish though formula is preferable. It should be able to do it for any number of digits. Excel can store numbers with 15 significant digits. In Numerology, it is often a task to add the digits till the result is a single digit.

Have you ever ignored your intuition? I think that most people can say that they have.

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Learning to listen to your inner voice is challenge because it means there are times when you will come at odds with others. Interestingly, your inner voice can be a disruptor. It can tell you to take one path that your parents, friends, or colleagues have resisted. It can be one that stimulates moments of self doubt and fear.

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But there's an interesting thing that happens when you decide to ignore it and follow the crowd. Your inner voice was right and you realize you were wrong to ignore it. When you sense this happening in your life today, and throughout the rest of this week, try to recalibrate your thinking. This brings you to a place of compromise. Gemini is a mutable zodiac sign which allows for changes to be made more readily and even easier than you had imagined they would be. You may not always know what it is that you are doing, but your higher self does. There comes a point in your life when you need to learn to trust your inner voice.

If you are a person of prayer, meditation and full of love and hope, you are growing and changing each and every day into a better person. So, you may want to tune in and go with what your heart says. It is helping you to manage your emotions and live life in a better way than before. This afternoon's Gemini Moon brings with it the lessons of the Lover's tarot card. The Lover's tarot card is like two choices being put on the table.

The first choice may involve love. The second choice may involve work. Together these choices may bring you to a place that flourishes the way you approach life changing decision making.

Aries, positive mental energy is yours all day. Although it's not easy getting back into the swing of things after a long holiday break, you will find yourself ready to rock and roll with the best of them. Right now, what you want most is to know that what you invest your time in will be worth the effort.

They could be more communicative but for now, you're the one who does most of the talking. The problem is that you're holding on to an expectation that maybe you didn't communicate clearly enough. You may have to share how you feel so things will improve. Taurus, you have many blessings, almost too many to count, so be happy, but when others feel down, it can make you feel sad, too.

There may be someone who you'd like to cheer up but you're not sure how to go about doing it. You might have tried in the past, but realized some things are simply out of your control. There may be more to the situation than you realize, but has nothing to do with you. Turn your attention to the things that you can control while being as encouraging as possible.

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Gemini, no matter how you slice it, today is a great day. When things are going your way, time flies. Things at work could be busy, but no one really seems to notice because you're all having such a good time. There's a chance that the work you're doing comes together easier and there's less difficulty in communicating with peers. You will feel more confident and fulfilled in how things work together for you, too. Cancer, you have all you need to get the job done. A special challenge comes your way but it's one designed by the universe to help you to realize your true potential.

Speak positive affirmations into your life. Avoid negative self-talk, too. Living in the moment will help you to remain focus and clear so you can see the direction you need to take. It might happen that you feel a little overwhelmed but instead of giving into fear, give yourself permission to feel powerful in that moment. Use your instincts and intuition to see all your options.

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Leo, although things may be challenging, you're on top of each situation. Sometimes being the center of attention has its advantages and disadvantageous. You get to be there where the action is happening but you also can't hear your own inner voice.