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These things come naturally to them. Calm, cool, and collected—these words sum up Moon in Capricorn natives well. Truth is, they can have plenty of mood swings and some dark emotions now and again. Lunar Capricorns are often quite hard on themselves and would benefit from letting their guard down once in a while.

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They quickly garner reputations of being mountains of strength, and they easily hide their sensitivity behind a sarcastic manner. You may have read that Moon in Capricorn natives are a bit cold and calculating. They keep their emotions under control. Wherever Capricorn is found in the chart, there is a desire for structure and control. Capricorn is the sign of organization and efficient management; so, when the Moon is found in the sign, the world of emotions are well-managed and handled in an efficient and practical manner. At the heart of Lunar Capricorns is a powerful need to feel worthwhile in the real world.

Lunar Capricorns put a lot of value in all things tangible and real. And, perhaps more than anything, they need to be respected by others in order to feel secure. With Mercury in Capricorn, natives have a strong need to compartmentalize the impressions they get from the world. These people often speak and write in a slow and methodical manner. They appreciate structure and order.

Although they are resourceful people, Mercury in Capricorn natives easily become frustrated when too much information is thrown at them at once. They break down ideas into manageable parts before arriving at a decision. Usually quite mentally active, these natives are generally productive people who prefer taking on projects that will yield tangible and practical results.