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Thus the first step in this process is to check the compatibility of the couple. This is called thirumana porutham marriage matching in Tamil or simply porutham.

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This is very important for any marriage process. Anything done right from the beginning will definitely lead to success and since its marriage that we are talking about, thirumana porutham is the first thing to start with. According to astrology thirumana porutham marriage matching in Tamil is the core and various other aspects of marriage surround it. Thirumana porutham involves comparison of the birth star janma nakshatra and Janma rasi of boy and girl to find their level of compatibility and ensure their happy and long life.

To check for even more detailed thirumana porutham horoscope matching is done which is very precise. There are ten components of thirumana porutham marriage matching. Greater the number of porutham, better is their compatibility. The match is considered good. The compatibility levels are stated as uthamam, madhyamam and adhamam based on the levels of match porutham.

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Greater the porutham, uthamam is the match porutham. Now let us see the ten components of thirumana porutham in detail. After comparison of the stars of boy and girl, if the percentage of compatibility is high, that is if there is greater porutham then the match can go ahead. This will ensure a good future for the couple, free from various discomforts.

But whatever the case may be,the 27th nakshatra, that is the last star has to be rejected from any calculation.

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In astrology the 27 nakshatras are divided into three sub categories or ganas. They are deva ganam, raakshasa ganam and maanushya ganam. In thirumana porutham marriage matching Ganaporutham represents the physical characteristics that the boy and girl would share.

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This checks the compatibility of their characters with each other and with the society. If they both belong to the same ganam, it is considered as most appropriate and is called eka ganam.

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If the boy boy and girl belong to deva ganam and maanushya ganam then we can go ahead with the match. But if both belong to raakshasa ganam the match is considered inappropriate. This also ensures the longevity of the bond the couple share. In thirumana porutham marriage matching , mahendra porutham is considered for santhanam progeny.

It Is the children who complete a family. Thus a positive mahendra porutham signals greater chances of achieving a complete family. Of the 10 porutham, a good streedeergha porutham ensures the couple a life filled with happiness and prosperity. There are certain nakshatas which are not compatible. Every nakshatra is associated with an animal.

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With this we can determine their compatibility. For example, cat and rat are foes. There wont be any understanding between them. Poosam nakshatra is associated with goat and it is not compatible with chithirai which is represented by tiger. If you do not have horoscope, he can also offer horoscope matching by name and horoscope making services. Your name tells a lot about your rashi.

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