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The full moon is so infamous it was given its own handle way before social media graced the web — Lunacy. This term derived from folk acting out under the full moon and it was actually used as a defence in some criminal cases. Sure, we should look up to them as they often influence our actions and reactions, but we can take charge of both with a little sprinkle of awareness and ensuring we take some time out for reflection. And for the uninitiated, a birth chart is essentially a cosmic selfie taken at the time you were born showing where the planets and signs used in astrology were for you.

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This Solar Eclipse tasked us to choose kindness toward ourselves and others and to work on stabilising our emotions and reactions, which causes a ripple effect throughout the whole planet. The Lunar Eclipse on July 16th was like a full moon only way more powerful! The full moon is when the sun and moon oppose each other and maybe even fight for the light.

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In Astrology, the Sun is ego and the Moon is depth. This one also connects to Pluto, which is the dwarf planet often depicted as Shiva, the dark-destroyer, vanquishing demons and summoning the light — allowing us to let go of anything or anyone negative, and embrace the light. Borderline escapist, feeling a sense of loss, sad, overwhelmed and reactive, or taking our bad moods out on others. We can dial up the powerful vibe with determination and the aspiration and ability to be fabulously creative, caring, kind and brave. We may feel like escaping from life by taking sick days, staying in bed or hiding behind the safety banner of work, but these choices are not the most empowering ones to make.

Instead, we can harness the positive attributes of this season. We are likely to be brilliant, driven and highly intuitive to the needs and desires of others, which can deliver incredible results that serve all.

These will be broken down for analysis; some will fall, but those that are meant to last will be transformed into unions with more sincerity, authenticity and depth. All intimate unions will likely be shaken up, to reveal what is really happening beneath the surface, some come out stronger and more aligned with our soul paths, some fall, until the next life perhaps.

The cycle never really ends. Venus enters Cancer, where it remains until July 27, In Cancer, Venus helps to repair some of the wounds the eclipse may have opened up for us. Venus helps to smooth things over, sweeten the situation, and be a spoonful of honey for the medicine that must go down.

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse 12222 – Honor Your Sensitivity

Relationship dynamics focus on connection and care now, especially with ourselves. Bake yourself a cake. Make your friends dinner. Send your loves home with sweets.

ECLIPSES of February 2017 / Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th, Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th

Relationship issues will focus on boundaries and power struggles soon enough. As Mercury does an about face, it backs up into Mars, making the beginning of this retrograde a little too hot to handle. Underneath anger is usually a really good reason for it, though not always one that is about the present moment. If you feel the need to fight, make sure you are connected to your reasons for doing so. Clarity is key when working with something potentially poisonous.

Unexpected flirtations abound. Here, Venus yearns for something unconventional and we are all challenged to do pleasure a little differently. Step out of the norm to get your needs met. This transit is temporary, but whatever bad behaviours our tempers tempt us into will have to be revisited, as Mercury will move back over these degrees come mid August.

Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 12222

Dear Diary this day. These are not days you want to be late to work, although they are days you might feel too heavy to lift yourself out of bed in the morning. But the proverbial and probably literal pets need to be fed, watered and walked. This sweet pit-stop for the sun is much appreciated during eclipse season. Sleep, relax and unwind. Let this day make you porous to what restores you. Rebelling is a skill to cultivate, and when implemented with a cause it is an incredible wand to wield. These skies will tend to interrupt our day, throw a wrench in the works, or get us to flip a table.


The implications of this transit are long lasting, meaning that what we do during these days is impactful. Pluto takes us on trips down under, excavating deeply buried truths, sometimes in the form of obsession, power-plays and control, but for most of us, today will feel like it lightly or cathartically drags us. A little truth is good for the system, but too much leaves us raw, sensitive and exposed. Try to give yourself some tough love today. The next few days will be less difficult if you do. Family is who I choose to love and learn to show up for.

Home is where I choose to be and I learn to care for myself while there. Hearts are healthier when they know where they will be appreciated and protected, so I make sure to let mine know that place is here. No matter what choices I made along my path, I love myself enough to learn what I need to know now. With this eclipse, I commit to caring for the well-being of my inner life. With this eclipse, I recognize the energetic power bound in my shame and past pain and I do what I need to release it.

With this eclipse I know that making my hurt more conscious makes it possible to move through it, make things from it, and make a life no matter the amount of it. With this eclipse I come into my own, a little more loved than before. Eclipse season teaches me all the many ways in which the course of my life is unfolding exactly as it should.

I wrap my efforts around my aim. Right now my ability to communicate my message is incredibly important. Disruption is a part of getting my message across and it is a cost I can afford. Part of getting more honest with myself is getting to interrupt and break up with the parts of me that have gotten complacent, overly-cautious, or conservative.

I come to the important conversations of my days, including the ones I have with myself, with as much clarity as possible. I sit down and put pen to paper knowing how much I need to get my ideas down. To map them out. To mark my destinations with my determination. To make my dreams into a reality I must continue to carve out time, a little everyday, to investigate the doubts I have about my ability to achieve them. Eclipse Season reminds me to invest in my well being.

Could the moon explain how you've been feeling this week?

Spend time, money, and energy granting my needs a moment of recognition. A dollar spent on my healing, hopes, and dreams is an astoundingly beautiful investment with infinite returns. Right now I am encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of my worth.

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The value of my labor goes up when I give it the respect it is due. Asking for a fair exchange is part of my job, equal to providing a quality service. When I come with my best efforts I have the ability to also come with my desired price.

tinebackzabti.ml Any challenging conversations that these weeks bring up need to be worked through wisely.